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METAL AIDS has been a leading innovator in the foundry chemicals industry for over 26 years. As a specialist in Exothermic and Insulating Feeder Sleeves, METAL AIDS delivers superior service along with a comprehensive product line engineered to optimize productivity.

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Quality, Consistency & Delivery

We provide customized solutions that are consistent with your production needs and cost requirements. We are dedicated to quality and continuous improvement.

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  • Exothermic and Insulating Feeder Risers (Sleeves)
  • Exothermic and Insulating Feeder heads for Ingots (Hot Tops)
  • Mould & Core Coatings in water and solvent base
  • Exothermic Powder
  • Anti Piping Compound
  • Bottom Pouring Compound
  • (Teeming Compound)
  • Continuous Casting Powder

Non Ferrous

  • Covering, Drossing and Cleaning Fluxes
  • Modifying Fluxes
  • Degasser
  • Refiner
  • Aluminium Master Alloys
  • Release agent for Aluminium and
  • Magnesium die casting (die cote)
  • Plunger Lubricant