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Mould & Core Coatings are used in foundry to provide smooth surface on steel and iron casting body. It is available with various bases like Zircon, Graphite, Magnesite and Aluminium silicate with water and solvent as a carrier. We are selling this product under trade name METACOTETM.



When coating is applied on mould and core surface either by brushing, spraying, flooding, swabbing or dipping, it fills the gap or pores between the sand particles and provides an impermeable refractory surface as well as an inert layer between metal and sand. To avoid sand fusion and metal penetration a proper coating thickness should be applied on mould and core surface, for this a number of thin coats may be required and it should be properly dried before pouring of metal to avoid the pin/blow holes in the castings.



METACOTETM is available in Zircon, Graphite, Magnesite & Aluminium Silicate bases with Water and Alcohol/Solvent as a carrier. METACOTETM is available in various physical forms like powder, paste and ready to use form for lost foam and all conventional moulding process. It is packed in polythene lined bags, HDPE buckets and tin buckets.



  • • Excellent flow characteristics
  • • Low foaming and good suspension properties
  • • High refractoriness as the METACOTETM mould and core coatings provides exceptional resistance to fusion and penetration defects
  • • Easily curable on flaming off, free from wet patches • No tendency to cracking or scaling on drying
  • • Provides smooth surface finish of the castings



METACOTETM has excellent flow characteristics, good suspension quality and high refractoriness. The baume/visocity/specific gravity needed for the METACOTETM mould and core coatings are maintained as per customer’s requirement. Some more specific information & properties of METACOTETM mould and core coatings are tabulated as below :

WATER BASE COATINGS (Zircon, Graphite, Aluminum Silicate & Mix Refractory)

Appearance Liquid Paste Paste Semi Liquid Liquid Powder
Colour Off white Off white Black Brownish Grey Blackish
Storage Life Six Months Six Months Six Months Six Months Six months Six months
Packing 40 Kgs in bucket 40 Kgs in bucket 50 Kgs in bag 20 Kgs in Bucket 30 Kgs in Bucket 30 Kgs in bag
Application Zircon wash for iron & Steel foundry Zircon wash in paste form specially for automotive castings Graphite paste for automotive castings Aluminum Silicate & Graphite Mix refractory coating for automotive castings Ready to use refractory coating for full mould process castings Graphite water in powder form specially for CI Mould manufacturer.

SOLVENT BASE COATINGS (Zircon, Graphite, Magnesite, Aluminum Silicate & Mix Refractory)

Appearance Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Powder
Colours Green Off white Brownish Black Grey Off White
Storage Life Six Month Six Month Six Month Six Month Six month Six month
Packing 30 Kgs in bucket 40 Kgs in TIN Pack 25 Kgs in bucket 20 Kgs in Bucket 25 Kgs in Bucket 50 Kgs in bag
Applicaton Zircon wash ready to use coatng for iron & Steel castings Ready to use high solid contents zircon coating for heavy section steel castings Ready to use magnesite coating specially for manganese castings Ready to use Graphite coating for iron castings Aluminium Silicate base coating for all grades of iron & light weight steel castings Zircon Wash in powder form for iron/steel castings




- It is a zircon coating with water as a carrier. It has excellent thixotropic properties with high solid content and excellent suspension characteristics which enables good application by flood coating.


- It is a zircon coating with solvent as a carrier. It features special self & quick dry technology and ignition is not required after application. This coating results in superior casting finish in steel and iron castings.

METACOTETM mould and core coatings is a shelf life based item and it has a shelf life of 6 months, if kept in original packing as well as stored in cool & dry places and also away from naked flame. METACOTETM is also free from any kind of hazardous materials