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Master Alloys(Grain Refiner & Modifiers)

METALLOY ATB (Grain Refiner)

Metalloy ATB is a grain refiner for aluminium silicon hypoeutectic and eutectic alloys. It is available in different composition of Titanium and Boron ( 5:1 , 3:1 and so on .. ). Metalloy ATB Control the structure and dispersion of individual crystal in metals to produce finer grain sized castings.It improves mechanical strength and soundness of the casting.

TYPE OF METALLOYS/ REFINERS TITANIUM% Boron % Aluminum Available Shapes
METALLOY -T5B1 5 % 1% Balance Tablet , cut rod
METALLOY -T10 10% - Balance Tablet, cut rod

METALLOY ASr (Modifiers)

Usually supplied for use in Silicon-Aluminum alloys, modifiers change micro-structural propertes of metal to increase strength, toughness, ductility, and resultant machinability. AlSrSi modified the structure of eutectuc and primary silicon . Metalaids offers modifier alloys for eutectic and hypereutectc Silicon-Aluminum . Strontium is favored where Si concentration is below 12%.

TYPE OF METALLOY / MODIFIERS STRONTIUM % Boron % Aluminum Available Shapes
METALLOY-Sr 5 5 % 1% Balance Tablet
METALLOY-Sr1 0 10% - Balance Tablet


Aluminium boron master alloys generally used to improve the conductvity of aluminium cables and bus bar.

TYPE OF METALLOY / REFINERS Boron % Aluminum Available Shapes
METALLOY -B3 3 % Balance Tablet, cut rod
METALLOY -B5 5% Balance Tablet, cut rod

To ensure consistent quality, we have in-house Spectrometer for metal analysis