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Range of Industrial Oil and Lubricants

The major function of the Hydraulic Fluid is to provide energy transmission through the system which enables the work and motion to be accomplished. These fluids are also responsible for the lubrication, heat transfer and contamination control.

METOL oil are formulated with very high level of Thermal, anti wear and Oxidation stability to minimize the wear rate and help extend the life of the component of the hydraulic system.

METOL formulation contains rust and corrosion inhibitor which prevent the interaction of water or other chemicals species from attacking metal surface.

This range includes various number of variants like Metol -40,68 or customer specific.

METOL Cut range of water soluble mineral base cutting oil

  • • Suitable for machining of cast iron, aluminum alloys, non-alloy to high alloy steel
  • • Very finely dispersed emulsion and low foaming behavior
  • • Improves the tool service life
  • • Excellent cooling and lubrication characteristics with good anti corrosive agents.

METOL range also include Gear oil along with some multipurpose speciality industrial oils and lubricants