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Exothermic & Insulating Riser Sleeves (Any shape Any Size)


Riser Sleeves act as a reservoir of liquid metal in the sand mould for steel / iron castings in foundry. It keeps the metal in molten form and feed the metal to the casting body till solidification of casting gets completed by providing an exothermic reaction along with insulating properties and it solidifies at last. We are selling this product under the trade name METAMINEXTM.



As the molten metal comes in contact with riser sleeves an exothermic reaction takes place that liberate enormous amount of heat which maintains the temperature of feed metal in the riser sleeves. This provides favourable temperature gradient and directional solidification. After the complete burning of sleeves it acts as an insulator to furnish above function. The performance of riser sleeves also depends on the quality and quantity of APC Powder (METALUXTM) used to cover the riser sleeves.



METAMINEXTM is available in long range of sizes i.e. from dia 1.5” to 44” in various height and shapes like Open, Blind, Oval, Rectangular, Flexible Board, Groove and Neck Down, Cover Pad with & without William Core (to make the sleeves blind). METAMINEXTM riser sleeves are primarily wrapped / packed in polythene and then packed in corrugated boxes to prevent moisture pick-up and damage during transit.



The properties of METAMINEXTM riser sleeves like bulk density, gas contents, aluminum content and moisture are maintained in a manner to achieve the desired M.E.F. so as to increase the feeding efficiency. Some specific information & properties of METAMINEXTM riser sleeves are tabulated as below

Properties Size(Diameter) Nature MEF
METAMINEXTM-200 40 mm to 150 mm Exothermic Upto 1.6
METAMINEXTM-100 175 mm to 1200 mm Moderately Exothermic 1.20 to 1.50
METAMINEXTM-180 40 mm to 150 mm Highly Exothermic Upto 1.8
METAMINEXTM-300 40 mm to 1200 mm Insulating Upto 1.5



  • • Increase casting yield
  • • Increase directional solidification
  • • Improve the soundness of castings
  • • Avoid casting defects like shrinkage cavity / piping in castings


METAMINEXTM-217/218 (New range of sleeves)

New range of sleeves with up-graded technology. This is a moisture free sleeve which can be used in all weather (especially in rainy season) for steel and S.G. Iron casting.

METAMINEXTM is a shelf life based item and it has a long shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing when kept in original packing as well as stored in cool and dry place. METAMINEXTM is also free from any kind of hazardous materials.